Recent Interview (eng)

Questions I ofter hear…

— Elena, why art? Did you fail to find a normal profession?

— Contrary. I have two University Degrees — in Linguistics and Psychology, an MBA in project management — those formed my primary professional route; and over 20 years of fine career in programming and graphic design as second route. And a bunch of contradictious hobbies from composing music and novel-writing to classical ballet and martial arts.
But drawing and painting were there always.
Since childhood, as I come from a dynasty of architects. It always feels like it’s not enough — in learning, exploring, applying skills and knowledge, investigating my own abilities; what else can I do, know, be useful to others —  I’m curious, too curious to stop, and a perfectionist, too perfectionist to relax.
But still drawing and painting were there always.
I was told in those wild 1990s in Russia that art is not a profession, so I stepped away and made a long trip in studies, careers, I was successful in each, frankly, but felt it was not enough.
And drawing and painting were there always.
Now I’m grateful for this long trip, it was not waste of time. As an artist I had nothing unique to tell the world at start in 1990s except my feelings, emotions and portraying real life — as most artists do. This trip gave me my own philosophy and instruments to change life by art, not reflect it merely, to change human feelings, not just depict mine.
So nice drawing and painting are still here with me.

— What’s art for you?

— Way of experience, way of life and dialogue with others.

— Do you think art means anything in our hi-tech age?

— It means now more than ever, I think. Physical work will soon be deligated to robots, intellectual activities is where AI can replace many of humans. But technology will never be able to replace us in creativity. Maintaining creativity is the way humans can remain valuable for evolution. Such a pretentious idea 😉

Art guides one’s soul out from the labyrinth of mind.


Elena Morgun (pseudonym — Trish) was born in 1982 in Russia. Painter, graphic designer, illustrator, writer, life-coach. Main interest — in surrealism, fantasy, magic realism, symbolism. Investigates antroposophy, spiritual traditions, psychology. Her paintings and crafts are often on show in galleries in Samara, Moscow, New-York. Most originals in private collections in Russia, USA, Australia, Great Britain, Germany. Leader of «Not-A-Casual Art Project» since 2006 — art-therapy and spiritual investigations lab. Member of Artists’ Union of Russia and International Federation of Artists since 2014. Award «For Contribution In Culture» (Russian Fine Arts Academy) Bronze medal in 2019. Web page: